Instructors: Drums.

Dirk Brand instructor drums RPJAM

Dirk Brand

One of the most booked live and studio drummers in Germany. He is known worldwide as an author and endorser. He is the drumhead of RPJAM.

Timo Ickenroth RPJAM instructor drums

Timo Ickenroth

As a live and studio drummer he is known to a wide audience. As a lecturer he leads his own institute.

Pitti Hecht instructor RPJAM Percussion drums

Pitti Hecht

As LP endorser and percussionist of Toto, Scorpions and many others he is a longtime fixture and at home on all stages of this world.

Dejan Nikolic RPJAM instructor drums

Dejan Nikolic

Dejan, the former RPJAM student, is a successful live drummer and a permanent fixture with us as an instructor. With his band “Diary of Dreams” he celebrates worldwide success.

Daniel Schild instructor drums RPJAM

Daniel Schild

– studied at the Drummers Institute Düsseldorf as well as at the Musikhochschule Mannheim.
His stylistic versatility has earned him a name in the national drum scene. He is a sought-after sideman both nationally and internationally for touring and studio productions, holds clinics, leads workshops and regularly performs solo at drum festivals and fairs. He is a contributing writer for ‘Drums&Percussion’ magazine.

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