Music Theory Module 1

– Staff
– Transposition signs
– keys
– Notes and note values in violin and bass clef
– rest values
– Circle of fifths
– Major scale
– Step chords as triads
– transpose

Music Theory Module 2

– Step chords of the major scale as tetrads
– Cadences in Roman numerals
– Introduction slash chords
– natural minor scale
– Pentatonic from the Aeolian scale
– Introduction modal system

Music Theory Module 3

– Chord options with sus 2 and 4
– 4 Chord Song
– Analysis I
– Pentatonic
-Blues scale from the pentatonic scale
– Blues Scheme
– Reharmonization I
– leading tone / glide tone, aeolian to harmonic minor

Music Theory Module 4

Chordal connections
– II / V / I. Compounds in major
– Pachebel Canon
– II / V / I. Compounds in minor
– Slash chords diatonic / functional
– Chord options with sus, verm / overm, ninth, undecime, tredecime
– Analysis II
– Minor blues
– Reharmonization II

Music Theory Module 5

– Chromatic scales
– harmonic, melodic minor scales
– altered scales
– Cadences with variable key centers
– Jazz analysis

Module 1, 3, 5    Start September 1st

Module 2, 5        Start March 1st

All modules are freely selectable and can be attended by you online or in presence.



You enroll in one of the modules and attend classes at RPJAM for only 6 months. You are free to choose the modules you want to attend. Here you can limit yourself to one module or attend as many modules (also of the other departments) as you like.


Main studies

For the main study you have to take the modules 1 to 4. Module 5 is optional. The order is variable, depending on when you start in September or March.