Keys Module 1

In the first series of events, existing stylistic skills on the piano are further developed and stylistic and playing technique deficits are identified and improved.

Keys Module 2

In addition to further developing existing stylistic skills and compensating for stylistic and playing deficiencies on the piano, students are introduced to the many functions of conventional keyboard instruments. (Software instruments via computers, Rhodes, Hammond, synthesizers, etc.).

Keys Module 3

In this series of events, too, further development on the instrument is the top priority. In addition, there are didactic teaching units to prepare students for the profession of state-certified music teachers.

Keys Module 4

In this series of events, in addition to continuous development on the instrument, students continue to work on their didactic skills with regard to becoming a certified music teacher. There will be teaching sequences that must be planned and executed independently by the student.

Keys Module 5

The two extension courses I and II of the event series 5 and 6 are not obligatory for the degree of a state-certified music teacher, but they are obligatory for the degree of stage maturity. In this event, there is increased emphasis on the work of a keyboardist. (Band playing, choosing the right setup, creating sounds, etc.).

Keys Module 6

As in the extension course Key I, this series of events focuses more on the work of a keyboardist in a band context. Furthermore, the student will dedicate himself to more complex musical styles in a band context. (Jazz, Funk, Latin etc..)

Module duration: 6 months each

Module 1, 3, 5    Start September 1st

Module 2, 5, 6    Start March 1st

All modules are freely selectable and can be attended by you online or in presence.



You enroll in one of the modules and attend classes at RPJAM for only 6 months. You are free to choose the modules you want to attend. Here you can limit yourself to one module or attend as many modules (also of the other departments) as you like.


Main studies

For the main course of studies you must have taken all 6 modules by the time you graduate. The order is variable, depending on when you start in September or March.