Main studies.

All information about the main studies at RPJAM.

STUDIES – Also possible and recognized as distance learning !!!

State-certified Musician.

Courses & duration of study

Study time: 3 years


The first two years are instrument-oriented. The third year focuses on didactics, working on your own exam-relevant projects and your own career.

Every year there are 40 (4 x 10) weeks of lessons, 12 weeks are holidays. Here we follow the Hessian school holiday calendar, the summer holidays always fall in the last 6 weeks before September 1st, so that long-term planning with individual time management is possible.

The lessons are a mixture of group and individual lessons, workshops and project-oriented personal work.

A general basic structure is provided for all instruments, which is modified for each instrument. Here you learn more about the subjects. 

Start of course

Summer semester: March 1st
Winter semester: September 1st


Duration of studies

3 years


Location of studies

Grünberger Straße 140
35394 Gießen (Hesse)


Start of course.

Summer semester

March 1st

Winter semester

September 1st

How to reach us.


+49 641 – 13 27 04 85


Grünberger Straße 140 – Building 600
35394 Gießen