Bass Module 1

Basic knowledge: Posture, Set Up, Practicing Techniques
Right hand: Pizzicato and Raking exercises
Left hand: Chromatic exercises
Rhythm 1: Eighth notes, triplets and time signatures

Basic knowledge: Bass clef, note values
Intervals on the fretboard
Triads Arpeggios: major, minor, diminished and augmented
I-IV and I-V Studies

Blues Music Style
Soul Music Style
Bass Line Concepts 1
Groove Lab: 8th Notes and Blues/Shuffle Play Alongs

Bass Module 2

Right hand: String crossing exercises
Slap technique exercises
Rhythm 2: 16th notes and time signatures

Major harmony, major scale, major modal scales
Diatonic triads and quads Arpeggios
Chord progressions exercises with focus on bass lines

Classic Rock Music Style
Funk Music Style
Bass Line Concepts 2
Groove Lab: 8th Notes and Blues/Shuffle Play Alongs
Bass Master Project: Transcription and Bass Charts

Bass Module 3

Right hand: Pick technique exercises
Rhythm 3: Other values

Key change exercises
Full chords arpeggios
Minor harmony concepts
Improvisation 1: Modal sound

Jazz Music Style
Current Master Project: Transcription and Bass Charts
Classical Works: Bach, etc.
Bass Line Concepts 3: Jazz Lines 1-4
Jazz Solos 1

Bass Module 4

Harmonics technique exercises
Odd time signatures

Melodic and Harmonic Minor Harmony
Improvisation 2: Chord progressions

Challenging Master Project: Transcription and Bass Charts
Bass Line Concepts 4: Latin and Brazilian Lines
Latin and Brazilian Music Styles

Bass Module 5

Scales Voicings
Groupings Concepts
Bass Chords

Dom7 Workout
Diminished Harmony
Bass and Composition
Improvisation 3: Solo Analysis

Bass History 1
Bass Line Concepts 5: Arranging Ideas 2
Fusion Music Style

Bass Module 6

Solo Bass Concepts and Performance
Preparation for performance

Advanced Harmonic Concepts
Improvisation 4: Advanced Solutions

Own composition and performance
Bass History 2
Bass Synth Technique and Performance

Module 1, 3, 5    Start September 1st

Module 2, 5, 6    Start March 1st

All modules are freely selectable and can be attended by you online or in presence.



You enroll in one of the modules and attend classes at RPJAM for only 6 months. You are free to choose the modules you want to attend. Here you can limit yourself to one module or attend as many modules (also of the other departments) as you like.


Main studies

For the main course of studies you must have taken all 6 modules by the time you graduate. The order is variable, depending on when you start in September or March.