Ear training Module 1

– Recognition of intervals
(minor sec, major sec, minor third, major third, fourth, fifth)
– Recognition of inversions in major triads
– simple note dictations in C major
simple rhythm dictations up to eighth notes

Ear training Module 2

– Recognition of all intervals within the octave incl. trinonus
– Recognition of inversions in triads major and minor, tetrads major Dom 7 and maj7
– Rhythm dictation in 16 tel notes incl. triplets
– note dictation x major with etudes and real songs
– with sixteenths and triplets incl. rests
– pentatonic
– Introduction modal system

Ear training Module 3

– Note dictation with 3 sounds and sus chords
– rhythm continuation
– real songs according to difficulty level
– modes
– blues scale
– pentatonic

Ear training Module 4

– Intervals in chords with options
– Intervals in slash chord
– Note dictation advanced
– Rhythm dictation advanced
– Connections advanced

Ear training Module 5

– Chromatic scales
– harmonic, melodic minor scales
– altered scales
– cadences with variable key centers

Module 1, 3, 5    Start September 1st

Module 2, 5        Start March 1st

All modules are freely selectable and can be attended by you online or in presence.



You enroll in one of the modules and attend classes at RPJAM for only 6 months. You are free to choose the modules you want to attend. Here you can limit yourself to one module or attend as many modules (also of the other departments) as you like.


Main studies

For the main study you have to take the modules 1 to 4. Module 5 is optional. The order is variable, depending on when you start in September or March.