Social Media Module 2

Introduction to social media and daily use

General instruction in manual skills with social networks. Special focus on Instagram and TikTok.

Social Media Module 3

Creating and maintaining your own profiles

You will be guided through the process of setting up your own channels professionally. The approach is: Social networks are the new business cards.

Social Media Module 4

Developing your individual CI & Image – Coaching

Your individual skills and opportunities are worked out together. Based on these findings, you will receive a consultation with target group analysis and CI development.

Social Media Module 5

Craft: Creating the perfect content / continuity

Training in the use of helpful software such as editing programs. In addition, individual content is created specifically for your target groups. Goal: Sharpen your image & generate reach already during your studies.

Module 3, 5       Start September 1

Module 2, 4       Start March 1

All modules are freely selectable and can be attended by you online or in presence.


You enroll in one of the modules and attend classes at RPJAM for only 6 months. You are free to choose the modules you want to attend. Here you can limit yourself to one module or attend as many modules (also of the other departments) as you like.


Main studies

For the main course of study, you must have taken modules 2 to 4 by the time you graduate. Module 5 is optional. The order is variable, depending on when you start in September or March.