Audio engineer & music producer.

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Audio engineer & music producer.


Today’s practice

From the history, a music production at that time arose from the cooperation of a producer for the musical vision, the sound engineer for the technical responsibility, the sound engineer as a collaborator, the arranger for the structure of the piece, the musicians who recorded the tracks and the studio where the material is mastered.

Nowadays, the music producer / audio engineer usually combines these fields of activity in one person. Due to rapid changes in the industry, it is up to him to quickly implement developments and adapt them to the conditions of the market. In addition to the recording of instruments, he is responsible for the entire development up to the completion of the production. In doing so, he makes use of modern technology and it takes a variety of skills, including the fusion of musical and technical know-how, to be successful in this genre.


Contents of the course

Compared to the courses of study for state-certified musicians and music teachers, it is elementary in the case of the Audio Engineer / Music Producer to challenge and promote the student even more broadly. The basis here is the knowledge and ability to use the latest hardware and software.

In addition, it requires the ability to communicate with musicians within the production, and to be able to express an existing idea. A high communicative competence and knowledge of the common instruments drums, vocals, guitar and bass in addition to the piano playing always present as a basis and skills on the keyboard are certainly the basic basics in this course of study.

Subjects of the study program

Contents of the study program “Audio Engineer & Music Producer”:

  • Audio technical basics
  • Sound synthesis
  • Signal flow
  • Peripheral devices
  • Room acoustics
  • Microphonics
  • Stereophonic recording techniques
  • Production technology
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Live Sound
  • Music theory / ear training
  • Songwriting
  • Business Administration Basics
  • Music Business/Music Law
  • Self-promotion / Social Media


Start of course

Summer semester: March 1st
Winter semester: September 1st


Duration of study

3 years


Start of course.

Summer semester

March 1st

Winter semester

September 1st

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