Los Angeles College of Music

Study music in Los Angeles.

Study as an RPJAM student at LACM and complete a German degree.

Study as an RPJAM student at LACM.. 

Study at LACM with a German degree!

Would you like to earn your AA Degree at LACM and participate in an education in Los Angeles? Then you have come to the right place.

The training in L.A., although hard to beat in authenticity and experience, is not recognized in Germany due to its degree and duration. We solve this for you..

You take the LACM entrance exam and apply to become an RPJAM student on 3/1 or 9/1 of each year. While you are enrolled with us, you participate in the entire LACM training. After your return, your results will be transferred into our credit system and you will do the pedagogical / didactical part of our training in another year with us and prepare for your final projects. Through your final examination before the Hessian Ministry of Science and Art, you will receive the qualifications as a state-certified musician and music teacher.

In summary:

  • Entrance examination of the LACM
  • Registration as RPJAM student
  • BAFöG funding for the entire duration
  • Off to LA.
  • Credit transfer and our third year
  • Graduation before HMWK


    Visit the LACM.. 

    Through our cooperation with the “Los Angeles College of Music” we can offer several programs to get to know the LACM or to realize stays of different durations.

    The possible degrees are:


    3 months equals 1 quarter
    This participation is documented with an overview of the courses attended. This training can be done during or after the training at RPJAM.


    6 months corresponds to 2 quarters
    This participation ends with a diploma issued by the LACM. This training can be done during or after the training at RPJAM.


    18 months within the RPJAM training is equivalent to 6 quarters.
    This participation ends with the AA degree. Details related to training at RPJAM can be found under “Studying at LACM”.


    18 Months after 2 years of RPJAM training equals 6 quarters
    This participation ends with the internationally recognized award of the “Bachelor of music”. Details can be found under “Bachelor of music”.

    Your direct way to LACM:


    Werde “Bachelor of Music” durch RPJAM & LACM. 

    Den “Bachelor of Music” kannst Du nach 2 oder 3 Jahren an der RPJAM beginnen.  In Quarter aufgeteilt sind es dort üblicherweise 12 Vierteljahresabschnitte. Mit unserem Zeugnis und der entsprechenden Aufnahmeprüfung beginnst Du in Quarter 7 und erhältst nach erfolgreichem Durchlaufen der Ausbildung den “Bachelor of Music” nach 1,5 Jahren am LACM. Anschließend kannst Du, falls Du es noch nicht hast, im didaktischen dritten Jahr an der RPJAM noch die beiden europäischen Qualifikationen “staatlich geprüfter Musiker” und “staatlich geprüfter Musiklehrer” erwerben. Für die gesamte Zeit bist Du BAföG-berechtigt.


    • BAföG geförderte Ausbildung an der RPJAM über 2 Jahre
    • Ab nach L.A.
    • Start in Quarter 7 von 12
    • Abschluss mit dem Titel “Bachelor of Music”
    • 3. didaktisches Jahr an der RPJAM mit 2 europäischen Abschlüssen
    • BAföG Förderung über die gesamte Laufzeit

    Start of course.

    Summer semester

    March 1st

    Winter semester

    September 1st

    How to reach us.


    +49 641 – 13 27 04 85


    Grünberger Straße 140 – Building 600
    35394 Gießen